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Inclusive Wellness 

O u r    H i s t o r y 

We've extended our home to invite you to practice

Movement as Medicine while supporting others community

members in other Creative Wellness events & workshops! 

We hold space in balance with our work and life to

keep the energy and space clean and clear <3 

We share the events month / month under the  'offerings' tab

as well as our Facebook Page and IG account!

Check out other teachers who offer other devotional practices such as astrology, tarot, sound healing, reiki, kirtan under the one-on-one tab

or the community tab! More to come as we continue to stand

hand in hand with all the teachers & healers in this world.


Wahe Guru !

Reach out if you'd like to host an event or workshop !




As times are uncertain please be patient and check back in for when we are able to host in person again! Hope everyone is finding the resources they need during the in between stages, let us know if we can help you directly in any alternative way!

What we mean by Inclusive Wellness

Land Acknowledgement  I would like to acknowledge the people whose land we are standing on today, the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tualatin, Molalla, Warm Spring and Umatilla Peoples. It is important to acknowledge the ancestors of this place and to recognize that we are here because of the sacrifices they were forced to make. We also remember that we are guests of this land and must do our best to never forget its original inhabitants. Given the historical realities and the ongoing social, economic, and political consequences of a colonial legacy.

Sliding Scale offerings for each event enables participants to meet themselves

where they are at --- without it having any affect on their experience.

No one is turned away due to lack of funds -- this means if you can not meet the suggested sliding scale then you are still welcome to participate with whatever 'value' you see fit for yourself to offer.

Yoga form and etiquette --- there is not one way to be or look or act on the spiritual journey each individual finds themselves in --- there is infinite validity for expressing oneself! Please show up as your authentic self however that is --- we just request the boundary of personal and safe space behavior along the spectrum of sobriety and consenting behavior even with verbal interactions.

Spectrum of offerings --- even though the space is set and rooted in Kundalini Yoga as the constant --- we look to invite in other ways of harnessing our self energy through art / community potlucks / sonic experiences / kirtan / moon fire ceremonies / body work

--- so please suggest people or kinds of healing you are looking to see and experience!

This is a safe space --- we explicitly welcome all individuals regardless of your race-ethnicity-regalia / sexual orientation-expression of that / gender identity-expression of that / pronoun choice-preference / physical abilities *the space does have stairs please let us know if you'll need assistance*/ mental or emotional wellness * we offer one-on-one if you need to be supported and witnessed in that way *


Intersectionality is a path to healing --- In deciding to hold space we didn't want it to just be one type of offering / group of people / accessibility due to calendar date - money - interest / experience the unbalanced behavior of 'the yoga industry' --- we've opened our home for the community known and unknown to feel as if there is only invitation to show up - not obligatory expectation of how to be or where you should be on your individual experience. Our hope is that this has translated without explanation but we are open to learning and doing things in more transparent or if you feel we have a blind spot let us know via email or direct message <3 we are helping each other build a new way of being <3

Community Altar


• community prayers •

•  holding space for the well-being of all •


• please reach out with any support that you or your network need •


• putting names and places in the bowl •


• love to all •

Artist Spotlight 

Y o g i ' s      U n i t e 


Treneti Brown

Treneti's website will also share offerings

- other donation funds - as well as music to stream or purchase!


A lot of magic here so keep checking in !

T e s t i m o n i a l s

5 star

" Such beautiful people who will elevate you, and support your growth! Such a beautiful sacred space! "

Mahan Kaur Shrestha

Portland OR 2018

Audrey S. 

reviewed  — 5 star

Anna P. 

reviewed — 5 star

Jax C.

reviewed — 5 star

Dev Amrit Khalsa 

reviewed  — 5 star

Please review us on our Facebook Page : Sat Nam Studio 

5 star

" Beautiful beings hold the most sacred of presence for all who enter these walls. Truly a divine temple. Thank you for all that you are ❤️ Wahe Guru! "

Uma Madrona 

Portland OR 2019

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