O U R    T E A C H E R S

Nam Kaur

certified kri Kundalini Yoga teacher

certified 2016

serves the sound

current through gong &


xylophone experience 

sat daya singh

certified kri kundalini yoga teacher

certified 2013

serves the practice through 

transcribing archived  yogi


bhajan lectures

julia bray

certified kri kundalini yoga teacher

certified 2014

serves the cosmos by


delivering astrology


downloads during classes

Gina Ji

certified Yoga teacher

certified 2010

serves the divine through


mantra & devotional song

offers kirtan events

& mantra workshops

Gregg Hendrix

certified Yoga teacher, 2018

Certified REiki master III, 2019

Shamanic Healer in Munay Ki Lineage, 2019

serves and Channels Love

by healing shadow


serves creator through tarot offerings and sitting in ceremony

offers private - groups - workshops

C O M M U N I T Y    B U L L E T I N    B O A R D 

1731 NE 58th ave portland or 97213

facebook page : sat nam studio     InstaGram page: sat_nam_studio

Sat Nam Studio LLC