Meditation to reach tranquility btwn heaven - underworld - earth

“And if you know how to stabilize yourself with your own reverence, the universe will adjust for you. Why it is true?

When a child is smiling and innocently playing in house, everyone is attracted. True? Some will lift the child, some will kiss the child. What is wrong?

We don’t have a sensory system. Your life is based on fashion, not a sensory system. You’re crude, brute, animals and nothing makes sence.

Sensory system is power between you and God are one. And from sensory system grew Ek Ong Kar.

With this you will learn, Ek Ong Kar with reverence. And learn the tranquility between the heaven, underworld, and earth.

Mudra: Right flat palm over left flat palm. Do not touch

Eyes: Open tip of nose

End: 7 Sat Nams

(3) inhales with 5 second holds - “meditate on the sound’

Shake hand over head, move spine like snake


Continue for 11 minutes - 31 minutes

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