Reflective Partnership

Reflections in your partnerships, friendships and communities could help bring awareness and clarity in the security you seek during these times.

Don't be afraid to be too vulnerable. We are currently in the biggest collective vulnerable state possible. Have those intimate conversations with your people. Express your concerns, share your visions, state your process and check in when necessary in order to contribute to a safe sp

ace of fluidity amongst your family and friends.

It's good to know where you have support, and where you may also have boundaries to respect. Allow all emotions and perspectives to be okay and experienced during these times- with no judgment, just awareness. Feel your feelings, and know your bandwidth of experiencing hopelessness by instead choosing to be a part of a progressive healing when those feelings creep in.

Dream up new dreams whether alone or with your people.

Mediate your intake of news, gossip, and social structures that promote fear.

Reach out if you feel stuck. Be inventive with new ways to communicate. if you are needing leniency- with landlords, creditors, work personnel, speak up and refrain from victim energy. You won't know if there might be a way if you dont at least try to speak up.

Your feelings are valid.

Your truth is real.

Stay light,

Stay bright,

Stay healthy family.

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